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(Please note that each update item is now color coded to correspond to a general area along the corridor alignment. Teal covers Centerville and Farmington. Light blue covers Kaysville and Layton. Dark blue covers Syracuse and West Point.)

East Frontage Road (Centerville and Farmington)

  • Today, Friday, October 22nd, the intersection of the East Frontage Road at 1600 South will be completely closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be no access to 1600 South via the East Frontage Road during this time.
  • Closures of the East Frontage Road at 1700 South are planned on Saturday, October 23rd from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will continue for the next two weeks from Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a water line installation.
  • Please expect consistent noise, vibrations, and increased dust during this work.

700 South (Syracuse)

  • As early as Monday, November 1st, crews will begin installing drainage and sewer lines along 700 South between 3000 West and 4000 West in Syracuse.
  • There will be a full closure of 700 South for approximately one month to accommodate this work. Drivers will be detoured to Antelope Drive on 3000 West and 4000 West.
  • Overhead power pole relocations are expected to begin by Wednesday, November 3rd. No major service interruptions are anticipated for this work.

Bluff Road (Syracuse)

  • Work on Bluff Road will continue with the installation of a new water line starting at 3000 West as early as Tuesday, October 26th and continuing through mid-November.
  • The current Bluff Road southbound lane closure in place will apply to this work. Drivers will still be able to travel northbound on Bluff Road.
  • Rocky Mountain Power will begin installing power poles as early as Tuesday, October 26th. There are no major service interruptions anticipated during this work.

Buffalo Ranch Trail (Farmington)

  • Pile driving operations are planned on the Buffalo Ranch Trail from Friday, October 22nd through Friday, October 27th.
  • Please expect increased noise, vibrations, and dust levels in this area.

Weaver Lane (Layton)

  • Curb and gutter placement for the new Weaver Lane cul-de-sac is expected to begin Wednesday, October 27th and continue through early November.

1350 South (Farmington)

  • Crews will continue to clear debris along 1350 South in Farmington in preparation for drainage pipe installations and a gas line tie-in.
  • The Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail between Glovers Lane and 1250 West will be closed until this work is complete in early November. Detour signs will be posted directing trail users to an alternate route at 1250 West and Glovers Lane to the Legacy Parkway Trail.
  • Paving for the trail alongside 1350 South is anticipated to start on Friday, November 5th. Detour maps and additional closure details will be posted closer to the start date of this work.

I-15 (Centerville and Farmington)

  • Crews will begin excavating the first large bore pits for future storm drains along northbound I-15 in Centerville and Farmington as early as Monday, October 25th.
  • Bridge excavation work will begin as early as November 5th on southbound I-15.
  • No traffic shifts or lane closures are anticipated for work on northbound and southbound I-15.

Legacy Parkway (Farmington)

  • Nightly right lane closures on southbound Legacy Parkway south of Glovers Lane will occur through the end of October as crews perform temporary widening and paving and install new conduit.
  • Starting as early as November 7th, the Legacy Parkway Trail will be closed through project completion. Pedestrians will be detoured to the Denver and Rio Grande trail.

Looking Ahead

  • Central Davis Sewer District will be installing a new sewer line along 650 West in Farmington starting in late November to mid-December. Traffic impacts will be posted closer to the start date for this work. Crews will do their best to minimize odor impacts during this time.
  • Crews are anticipated to conduct pile driving operations at the GSL Shoreline Trail from Monday, November 1st through Friday, November 5th. Please expect increased noise, dust, and vibrations in this area.
  • Several current and upcoming Syracuse City projects will coincide with West Davis construction.
    • North Davis Sewer District will be conducting work at 3000 West and 2900 South starting as early as November 10th. This area will be closed to all traffic for approximately one month.
    • Work for the Criddle Farms development has resulted in a closure of 700 South between 4000 West and 4500 West, which is anticipated to reopen to traffic by November 10th.
    • Paving work at 1200 South and 4500 West in West Point is anticipated to occur within the next several weeks.
    • Manhole installment/replacement work for the Black Island Farms development at 4000 West and 2200 South is anticipated to begin in early November and finish in Spring 2022.
  • A noise wall along Kays Creek in Kaysville has been approved for balloting. Impacted residents will receive a ballot by the end of October.

Ongoing Project Work

UDOT will continue with design work, utility coordination, debris clearing, fence installation, and drainage installation. The West Davis project team will also continue to coordinate closely with residents, businesses, city leadership, and other key stakeholders.

Schedule is subject to change due to equipment, material, utility and/or weather delays.

Project Overview

West Davis is a new 16-mile, 4-lane divided highway that will be constructed in western Davis County between the I-15/Legacy Parkway junction at approximately Glovers Lane in Farmington and the future extension of S.R. 193 in West Point. A map of the project alignment is available here.

Freeway-style interchanges with on- and off-ramps will be built at Legacy/I-15
(Farmington), 950 North (Farmington), 200 North (Kaysville), 2700 West (Layton), 2000West (Syracuse), and Antelope Drive (Syracuse).

West Davis will include over 10 miles of new trail and new trail connections to create a consolidated system connecting Emigration Trail to Legacy Parkway Trail.

Stay Informed

Questions? Comments? Contact the Public Involvement Team at 877-298-1991 or westdavis@utah.gov.

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Project Notices

Click below to learn about the Antelope Drive Frontage Roads State Environmental Study .

Click below to learn about the Layton Canal relocation construction project now underway .


Pre-Construction Design
2019 – Winter 2020

Spring 2021 – Winter 2024

Project Notices

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