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Resident Working Group

Continuing with the resident, city, and interest group involvement during the environmental phase, Resident Working Groups (RWG) have been formed and will meet regularly during the design and construction of the West Davis project. The Resident Working Group meetings allow the project team to share updated and relevant project information, gather feedback, and give the opportunity for members to ask questions.  It is expected that each Resident Working Group member acts as a liaison for their neighborhoods, sharing project information with their neighbors, receiving feedback and input, and being a resource to their local community.

Currently, Resident Working Groups are divided by city. If you are interested in learning more about the Resident Working Groups, or to inquire about your neighborhood representative, please contact the Public Involvement Team at 877-298-1991 or westdavis@utah.gov.

West Davis Resident Working Group Discussing Highway
West Davis Resident Working Group Looking at Map
West Davis Resident Event
Presentation & Agenda
Farmington Residential Working Group
Kaysville Residential Working Group
Layton Residential Working Group
Syracuse Residential Working Group