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West Davis Project History

Environmental Impact Statement

Before construction can begin on new roadways, the federal government requires an environmental study be conducted in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The West Davis environmental process took place between 2010-2017. This amount of time is necessary to complete the steps required by NEPA, and to be as thorough as possible to ensure that the best solution is selected. UDOT worked closely with state and federal resource agencies, city and county administrations, NGO’s, advocacy groups, residents, businesses, schools, farmers, and other key stakeholders to ensure all options were considered to identify a transportation solution that will benefit mobility in Davis and Weber counties.

Throughout the environmental study, UDOT gathered data and input in studying 51 various transportation alternatives. UDOT and FHWA selected Alternative B1 with Wetland Avoidance Options as the transportation solution that will meet the transportation need for the western Davis and Weber counties through 2040, while minimizing impacts to the natural and human environment. The Preferred Alternative includes the Glovers Lane option in Farmington, the Bluff Road option in Syracuse, and the 4100 West option in West Point. The Preferred Alternative is expected to reduce traffic congestion west of I-15 by 35% by 2040. 

UDOT completed its Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in Summer 2017.  A Record of Decision (ROD) for the Preferred Alternative for the WDC/New Project Name was selected in Fall 2017.