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Antelope Drive Frontage Roads State Environmental Study

Antelope Frontage Roads Final SES

In 2017, UDOT completed an extensive nine-year Environmental Impact Statement to study transportation solutions in western Davis County. Following completion of the EIS and as part of the pre-design phase leading into Design-Build contractor selection, UDOT worked with the various municipalities throughout the corridor to ensure local roadway functionality would continue to be maintained when West Davis is constructed.

One particular area that required additional study was along Antelope Drive in Syracuse. In collaboration with Syracuse City and other local stakeholders, UDOT worked on an improvement to the existing West Davis alignment and local connector roads in this area.

A State Environmental Study (SES) was completed in Spring/Summer 2020 which evaluated a proposed frontage road system to help better maintain local connections between Bluff Road and Antelope Drive. This study resulted in some design updates to the original EIS: Bluff Road, which was previously shown to be cul-de-sac’d on the north side of Antelope and connected to 2625 West on the south side of Antelope, will now be rerouted to connect to 2500 West on both sides.

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