Layton Canal Relocation

9/24/20 Layton Canal Construction Update

Construction crews have begun preliminary land clearing, grubbing and tree removals for the Layton Canal relocation in Syracuse. A section of the existing irrigation pipeline is being relocated to accommodate construction of the West Davis Corridor highway. The canal is operated by the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and delivers irrigation water to local farmers. Crews expect to complete work by April 1, 2021 prior to the spring irrigation season. West Davis Corridor (WDC) mainline construction is expected to begin in early 2021.

Through early October, crews will clear ground north of Antelope Drive to 3000 West and will then proceed northward to 700 South and the future SR-193 connection just south of Schneiter’s Bluff Golf Course. To minimize traffic impacts, crews will bore lines under major roadways. Bore pit excavation will begin in the next few weeks at 3000 West/Tryall Drive and 700 South for crews to install pipe casings.

More information is available by contacting the WDC public information team:

Layton Canal Pipeline Alignment Map